Closet Systems Sterling Heights

Everyone has been there at least once: running late for a meeting, a dinner, or a night on the town, and completely unable to find exactly what you need. What you need is the ability to quickly pick the right clothes for the occasion, and then get out the door. But you can’t find that perfect item, and the clutter makes it hard to even think about what you need.

Make your closet work for you with Sterling Heights Closet Systems

If this sounds familiar (or typical) to you, closet systems can help. Whatever your particular closet space - from elaborate walk-ins to smaller reach-ins - California Closets can help you take advantage of every spare inch of your closet. Closet systems maximize storage capacity, and also bring an intentional order and structure to the way that you interact with your closet.

Our expert design consultants can work with you to create closet system that works for you and your lifestyle. We take tight closet spaces and expand their potential. Corner spaces are used creatively to improve space. For example, adjustable shelving makes your closet season dynamic. Combinations of intelligent storage components, such as bins, baskets, hanging levels, slide-hampers, makes your closet useful to your specific needs.

In order to help you better customize your space, our design experts will create a 3D visualization of your space, allowing you to see how different options would look in your home. Work with your design consultation to pick the perfect finish and specific details, so that your new closet is a beautiful and welcomed addition to any room.

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Don’t waste another minute standing in front of a closet without a system. Call California Closets Sterling Heights today, and schedule a free design consultation.