Closet Design Sterling Heights

Designing your own closet is an exciting venture. Whether you know exactly how you want your closet to be built, or you need a little help from our experienced closet designers, California Closets can help make your dream closet a reality.

Possibilities of Design

Sterling Heights offers a plethora of options for creating your closet. While working one-on-one with your designer, you will find yourself making many decisions regarding the design of your future closet. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding:

1) Know Your Wardrobe

The best way to know what is the best design for your closet is to know your wardrobe. This will determine how many shelves and drawers should be put in, and the size of these installations. For example, if you own many bulky sweaters, you will find that building deep drawers will accommodate them better than a shallow shelf would. Also consider how much space you’d like to dedicate to hanging poles. These tend to take up more space than drawers or shelves would, so think about what is necessary.

2) Know Yourself

In order for a closet to suit your needs best, it is important to know your habits and lifestyle. Most importantly, how do you stay organized? If you are the type of person that needs your belongings to have a specific place they belong, then consider drawer and shelf dividers and accessories. The options are endless.

3) Plan Ahead

It is important to consider the future so that your closet can last and always be relevant. If possible, try to save some space for future clothing and accessories. Always leave some space for storage as well.

Dream No Further

Sterling Heights designs practical closets that are meant to last. Our designers have years of experience and can help you every step of the way. So stop by California Closets today and make that dream a reality!