Staten Island Wall Beds

There are many Staten Island wall bed companies in the area that aim to help local residents add flexibility, functionality and space to their homes. When major home renovations are not an option, a wall bed can sometimes be the perfect solution. California Closets Staten Island has been designing, fabricating and installing wall beds in the homes of local residents for many years. Sign up for your free in-home design consultation with the best Staten Island wall beds company today!

The Experienced Staten Island Wall Beds Professionals

Our local Staten Island wall bed professionals have experience designing and installing wall beds in every type of room, home and home life.  While the reasons for installing a wall bed can be specific at first, everyone soon comes to learn the myriad of hidden benefits that come with a wall bed installation.


Installing a wall bed in your home is not only a storage or practical project, it is also a project that will profoundly affect your home life.  Installing a wall bed one of your extra rooms will make your home more social as you can offer your friends and family a comfortable place to stay.  If you live in a single room studio, a wall bed can add flexibility that allows you to have a living room by day and a bedroom by night, all at the flip of the bed.


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Our Staten Island wall beds designers are ready to create the perfect wall bed solution for your home.  Sign up on the website or by calling the Staten Island showroom for your free in-home design consultation.