Staten Island Murphy Beds

Recently, murphy beds have become one of California Closets Staten Island’s most popular home solution. As Staten Island continues to expand and condense, local residents are increasingly looking for novel, and cost-effective, ways of transforming their homes. Sometimes large home overhauls are unrealistic, that’s when it is time to consider our Staten Island murphy bed company.

The Staten Island Murphy Beds Company

Our local Staten Island murphy bed experts have years of experience providing premium service and quality to every home project.  Whether you are looking to add functionality or flexibility to your home, one of our Staten Island murphy beds can do the trick. Residents need murphy beds in their Staten Island residences for many reasons.  Though, all murphy bed owners will soon discover the benefits expand well beyond their original purpose.  Sign up for a free in-home murphy bed design consultation to get a designer to your home.

The Staten Island Murphy Beds Professionals


There is no better Staten Island murphy bed company than California Closets Staten Island.  As the city continues to grow, we are confident that more and more residents will feel the transformational power of a murphy bed installation.