Closet Systems Stamford

When it comes to renovating their homes, and specifically their closet systems, Stamford residents turn to California Closets. We built our trust over 25 years of work in the neighborhood, making our global brand and signature innovation meaningful on the local level. Chuck the generic stuff and invest in the world’s best customized storage solutions!

Stamford Closet Systems: A Sound Investment

Some three decades ago, the whole idea of custom closets was almost unknown; relegated to specialty craft shops for only those in the know. California Closets entered the scene and transformed the craft into a major industry—making closet systems available in Stamford and elsewhere while maintaining quality and excellence.

It all started when our founder was a college student in Southern California. The confines of a dorm room are notoriously daunting, but he saw that as a challenge. He designed a closet system especially for the limited space he had. All of his neighbors down the hall were amazed, and soon enough, he was taking orders. California Closets is now the world’s largest custom closet company. We are the destination for closet systems Stamford.

The perks of working with us on the house of your dreams are numerous. While you will enjoy the support of world-class professionals and products, the entire design experience will feel local. We operate at the community level through our franchise structure. Part of getting to know you and your needs is getting to know your neighborhood. Stamford closet systems are a reflection of the people who live there.

Prepare for New Stamford Closet Systems

The first step towards the Stamford closet systems of your dreams is scheduling a free design consultation with our specialists. You can learn about our array of products spanning the entire house, including the children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, home office, media center, garage, and more.