Closet Organizers Stamford

To help you get your closets in order, and to get you thinking about how our Stamford closet organizers can help in your home, here are some quick expert closet organization tips from California Closets.

Tips from the Expert Stamford Closet Organizers

Know How You Use Your Closet

Thinking about the ways in which you interact with your closet space on a given day can help you frame how to improve your closets. Do you spend hours in your closet, or just pluck out items and run through the door? When you can’t find something, what sort of an item is it? Spend a little time thinking about what constitutes your wardrobe, and what your idea of an ideal closet would look like with closet organizers Stamford.

Make Everything Visible

You can’t find what you can’t see, and if you are using opaque storage boxes and units, you might have a hard time even looking around to see what’s in your closet. Opt for clear plastic containers so that you can scan your closet more quickly - giving you more time to get ready when short on time.

Don’t Ignore The Floor

Making the most out of your closet space means intelligently using every area available to you. Making smart use of your closet floor space decreases the amount of items that have to be put on shelves and the hanger rod.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Don’t underestimate how much room even a small shoe collection can take up in a closet. Try a vertical shoe solution with your closet organizers Stamford if you don’t have much space.

Brighten Up Your Closets With Closet Organizers Stamford

For more help with your home storage, contact our design experts, and start a conversation today about how we can help you get the closets that you’ve always dreamed of and your beautiful home deserves with closet organizers Stamford. Call today for a free design consultation.