Wall Beds St. Petersburg

Ever have to turn down some friends in need of a place to crash for a few days, because you couldn’t accommodate them? How about not feeling comfortable inviting your parents up for the weekend because they would have to share your crummy pull out couch? With St. Petersburg wall beds from California Closets, fear no more! By adding wall beds, St. Petersburg apartments and homes can find flexibility and usefulness you never thought possible! Turn your living room into a chic overnight guest room!

Turn One Room Into Two!

We often get caught up trying to decide what kind of apartment or home we need, and trying to squeeze all of our needs into our limited budgets. So many times, space for overnight guests falls by the wayside, as we decide we don’t need them too often, and that they are a fairly low priority. Enter St. Petersburg wall beds! With a wall bed, you can use your room as normal during the day and evening, as the bed folds up and lays flush with the wall. At night though, as guests need a place to stay and be comfortable, the bed can fold down from the wall, completely transforming your entire room!

Turn your living room into an overnight palace. Transform that nook you’ve never known quite what to do with into a splendid guest room with limitless flexibility! Finally feel free to tell the grandparents to come up for a long weekend. Be able to put up your friends in comfort and luxury. St. Petersburg wall beds give you one of the most modern, chic homes around!

Modernize Your Home With St. Petersburg Wall Beds!

It’s time to transform your home into something worth bragging about! Let our experts help you make a modern, stylish and functional living space! Don’t hesitate, the time is now! Call today for a free in-home design consultation!