There When You Need It: St. Paul Wall Beds

Many of us have felt that moment of panic when you realize you’re about to have a home overflowing with guests. You are busy enough around the holidays and during family events without having to worry about where everyone is going to sleep. Allow California Closets to take something off your plate by providing you with instant comfort and convenience for your guests with St. Paul wall beds. When you incorporate a custom wall or drawer style bed within your home, you eliminate the stress of driving back and forth from the nearest hotel, or a restless night’s sleep on the sofa or floor. There’s never been a better time to outfit your home with extra sleeping arrangements, get started on yours with St. Paul wall beds.

Comfort And Convenience Combined

Often when people think of wall beds, they picture the rickety and unstable, fold down mattresses of the past. Completely rethink your idea of wall beds with revolutionary St. Paul wall beds. These wall beds are outfitted with extreme comfort technology, making them feel just as comfortable are your regular mattress. You or your guests will sleep soundly and well supported on a bed that is expertly designed and installed. After all, it wouldn’t be convenient if it didn’t provide a good night’s sleep!

Not only do St. Paul wall beds feel amazing, they look fantastic as well. No matter if you decide to go with the traditional pull down method, or find that a drawer style bed works best for your space- your wall beds will always be in style. Choose from a huge variety of colors, materials and sizes to design a wall bed that blends effortlessly with your cabinetry, panelling or whatever you desire. Make things a little easier on yourself next time you’re in need of some extra space, it will be right where you need it with St. Paul wall beds.