Jeannine Manning, Design Consultant

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Would you like to save time and gain space? Of course...we all would.

As a young child, I challenged myself to save time and gain space continuously. My father would come home from work and I would surprise him with either a closet or room makeover. He would challenge me and say, ”Jeannine, there really is nothing more you can do with this there?”

Other times he would commend me. “You have really outdone yourself this time. I would have never thought this arrangement would work!” Little did we realize, those simple phrases would catapult my lifelong, successful career of design and sales.

Working as a Design Consultant for California Closets is truly an honor and privilege. I am able to utilize my passion for organization and simplification which ultimately results in saving time and gaining space for my clients. I am fully committed to listening to the needs of my clients, maximizing the space and fulfilling their vision.

I love my profession and look forward to the inspirations and challenges my clients bring to me.