Our Team

High quality is a standard in our franchise, not an upgrade option.

California Closets is new to the St. Louis area, but we are passionate about creating unique, high-quality designs for your home.

Our top-notch designers and expertly trained installers all work seamlessly together to fulfill your needs. The design process is fully collaborative and starts with you. All levels of our company maintain top-notch communication throughout the entire process in order to give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

We think of you as neighbors first and customers second and we treat your homes with the same respect and care that we have for our own. We are proud to work and live in the St. Louis area and strive to be active participants in the culture.

We invite you to visit our showroom and begin dreaming of your ideal space. Our Design Consultants will work with you to envision a solution that fits your needs and is wholly unique to your home. Using their expertise and custom 3D-imaging software, they are able to create your space and give you a virtual walk-through, enabling you to “see” your solution before it exists.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to working with you.

- Bob Alexander, California Closets St. Louis owner

Stephanie Cline, Sales and Design Manager

I fully believe that everything has its place, down to my toothbrush and toothpaste. That's why I love California Closets. There is such a great flexibility with what I can create in your home. I truly enjoy playing with each space as if it were my own and giving every item its own home. This company gives me the opportunity to take a fine eye to someone else's details and create something personal, distinctive and different. Each person and space is so unique that I enjoy each new design opportunity.

Jeannine Manning, Design Consultant

Would you like to save time and gain space? Of course...we all would.As a young child, I challenged myself to save time and gain space continuously. My father would come home from work and I would surprise him with either a closet or room makeover. He would challenge me and say, ”Jeannine, there really is nothing more you can do with this space...is there?”

Beth Evans, Design Consultant

Before joining the California Closets team in 2012 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in housing and interior design and worked in the kitchen and bath industry. I chose this path after growing up watching my father run his construction business and build our homes. He took me to job sites when I was very small and would teach me how things worked and how they were built.

Tiffany Schmittgens, Design Consultant

As a design consultant, my favorite aspect of the day is being able to transform a client’s unique vision into a design with the perfect balance of function and style.  I believe everyone has their own personal style and I feel privileged to be able to bring that to life through the vast resources California Closets has to offer. 

James Cline, Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing

James is our Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing. He comes to us with a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and most importantly, leadership.Previously, he and his wife, Stephanie owned a large sales franchise in Kansas. During their ownership, the franchise grew exponentially until finally they sold the franchise. James' goals are to expand the California Closets franchise in St. Louis and build a strong, professional and friendly team along the way.

Bob Alexander Jr, Owner

Bob is the owner of a manufacturing and design corporation he started with his father over 30 years ago. He has established an excellent reputation in the industry through quality service and an understanding of what his customers want and need. He believes in doing what it takes to make sure they get it, too.