Murphy Beds St. Louis

St. Louis murphy beds are making a comeback. Once a thing of the past, these vintage wall murphy beds are more popular than ever. As rent prices soar, space is increasingly valuable and expensive. Ordering a St. Louis murphy bed will turn your cramped studio into a spacious and beautiful apartment. St. Louis murphy beds are the ultimate solution for your space problems and needs. California Closets murphy beds are the leading wall bed units.

St. Louis Murphy Beds Are Sensible Upgrades

Forget about you think you know about murphy beds. Those clunky, uncomfortable large and messy wall beds that you remember from your grandmother’s house are gone forever. California Closets has redesigned the St. Louis murphy bed to be modern, sleek, and technologically simple.

With one easy move your bedroom disappears into the wall. Amaze your neighbors and friends. They’ll think it’s magic and will be left wondering where you hid your bed.

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At California Closets, we place a high value on customer service. That’s why we offer an exclusive, in-home free obligation. Our professional designers have years of experience. From start to finish, we are the locally owned and trusted designer and installer of St. Louis murphy beds. We have a wide range of materials and colors that will look beautiful in your home. Most importantly, our professional designers will work with your aesthetic and your budget. Our clients come from every place imaginable, we have installed murphy beds in homes, offices, and garages. We won’t leave your home a mess and you will never again deal with the frustration of a disorganized space.