Wall Beds St. Clair

If your house is beginning to feel constricting, obstructive, or outdated, we here at California Closets can transform your house into the home that you desire. With St. Clair wall beds, California Closets can provide you with a myriad of alternatives for your current living situation. With over thirty years in the business of home refurbishing, our California Closets staff is dedicated not only to their work, but also to you, the customer.

Your Wall Beds St. Clair Await

From the first mouse click to the last coat of paint, your input will be regarded as the final word in the construction of your St Clare wall beds product.  Our California Closets design team is fervent about allowing your voice to be heard at each step in the planning of your St. Clair wall beds design.  At your free consultation, our skilled designers will transmute your ideas into a pliable 3d model that will showcase the St. Clair wall beds products of your choice within the context of your home.  

Once your approval of the St. Clair wall beds design is finalized and a result has been found that fits within you budget, our California Closets contractors will get to work actualizing the concepts ironed out in the pre-fabrication stages.  With the combined knowledge of our design and construction staff, California Closets will ensure that your vision incorporating the St. Clair wall beds line is taken from the theoretical to the physical.

Begin the Process Today

At California Closets we are steadfast in our belief that the customer should be a contributor to the design of the space that they inhabit.  With St. Clair wall beds providing inspiration for both the customer and our design team, we will ensure that your home is truly reflective of your intentions.