Custom Closets St. Clair

When was the last time you heard someone complain about having too much closet space? Probably never, as almost everybody laments not having more closets, or bigger closets, in their homes. Although enlarging or adding storage areas is not a practical alternative for most people, there is a very real solution: St. Clair custom closets from California Closets.

Re-Imagining Your Space

The real problem with most storage areas is that their potential isn’t fully realized.  If you take a look at your present closet setup, you’ll most likely notice a significant amount of wasted space, especially near the ceiling.  California Closets specializes in vertical storage solutions designed to utilize every micron of available space.  With some creative thinking and using innovative storage techniques developed over the past three decades, California Closets can reorganize your storage area in a way that eliminates clutter and provides an attractive home for all of your clothes and belongings.

St. Clair Custom Closets are the Answer

The key word in that phrase is “custom”.  California Closets doesn’t offer generic storage solutions and “one size fits all” closets.  Rather, each client’s needs are considered individually and closet layouts are conceived to meet the specific desires and preferences of that client.  One person has lots of valuable footwear and requires extensive shoe fencing; another person is an outdoor enthusiast and needs adjustable shelving to accommodate outsized gear and equipment.  Whatever your particular demands, rest assured there is a St. Clair custom closet design to satisfy them.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Discover the untapped potential of your storage area with a complimentary, in-house visit from a St. Clair custom closets design specialist from California Closets today.