Closet Design St Clair Shores

The key to organization is smart closet design. Without a practical structure in which to place your wardrobe, staying organized is that much harder. At St Clair Shores, closet design is our main concern. We pride ourselves in providing you with the most innovative yet practical methods of designing and building your dream closet. We help you figure out what your needs are and together we accomplish the goals you set for your space. Our expert closet designers have years of experience that will help rationalize any and all of your ideas.

What Makes Smart Closet Design

Our expert closet designers here in St. Clair Shores know what works best. With years of experience, we can guide you in the right direction.

We first start out with a free consultation. You and your personal closet designer will assess your space and briefly talk about fundamental issues you want to resolved. You will go over your goals for your closet and take measurements to analyze the space you have to work with. Then you get to the fun part.

When designing your closet, you will notice that there are endless amounts of options you can choose from. You will decide on your drawer and shelf size, the amount of hanger space you want to dedicate to your closet, the arrangement of the space, the accessories you want to use to complement your closet, and several other design decisions. Throughout the entire process, our experienced designers can provide you with expert opinions and advice.

Smart Design Leads to Happy Closets

Once you design your perfect closet, it can be built in no time. St Clair Shores closets are designed to be practical, sophisticated, and stylish. With your new closet, organization will come naturally. So stop by today and see how you can design and own a new happy closet with California Closets!