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St Clair Shores

Our commitment is to our customers and it shows - in 2012, California Closets of Michigan earned the Customer Satisfaction Award for receiving the highest customer survey ratings in the country. Additionally, our commitment to our customers and focus on delivering the highest quality storage solutions enabled us to achieve the Franchise of the Year Award.

Discover the benefits of a closet built specifically for you and your lifestyle. California Closets St. Clair Shores is here to help you design beautiful, customized closets suited to your unique needs. Whether you embrace the abundance of outdoor activities in St. Clair Shores or prefer to steal away to the city for nightlife, St. Clair Shores closets can be designed to accommodate all the elements of your life without compromising style or costing a fortune.

St. Clair Closets Set the Standard for Home Order

Forget the old notion that closets are the de facto place for clutter, stress and disorder. Instead, let your closet be the guide for the rest of the home for efficiency and organization. California Closets St.Clair Shores will work with you to identify your specific needs and space limitations to build a closet that will enhance any room.

Bringing Order to the Home

From walk-ins to reach-ins, space efficiency and organization is key to a fully functional closet. St.Clair Shores closets will maximize space and allow you to take inventory of everything inside with cleverly designed, user-friendly closet systems.

A Place for All Those Clothes

You don’t have to be Miss America to have a constantly changing wardrobe, and you certainly don’t want to have to claw through off-season clothes when you are in a hurry to get dressed for work. St.Clair Shores closets provide various storage methods for clothes of all types so they can coexist without becoming tangled together. From bulky sweaters to slinky gowns, customized shelving, drawers, stackable boxes and racks keep it all together yet separate.

Multipurpose Storage

From hockey gear to beach wear, residents of St.Clair Shores own a multitude of items used to best enjoy the city’s many recreational offerings. Vertical storage systems, hooks and overhead boxes maintain accessibility while keeping larger items from taking up too much space.

Discover the Benefits of St. Clair Shores Closets

Don’t hide your closet, let it be a focal point of a room with California Closets St. Clair Shores intuitive, innovative and beautiful custom closet design.  

St Clair Shores


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