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The closet is the workhorse of the house. It is tasked with stowing objects of all shapes and dimensions: precious personal items and mundane but necessary supplies--tools in the garage and gowns in your bedroom. The storage areas in your St. Charles home could use a boost from the experts at California Closets so they can serve their function more efficiently.

Chuck the Generic Storage for Some Custom Closets St. Charles

Generic storage is based on the false notion that there are one-size-fits-all solutions to storage challenges. It is unfortunate that many houses are built with rigid and unyielding storage space. The answer is an investment in the future with California Closets St. Charles units that offer innovative design and adjustable features.

The California Closets design process ensures positive transformation in clients’ homes’ organization and comfort. Placed front and centrer in the process are the personal preferences, in regards to both appearance and function, of clients. The job of the consultant is customizing the storage to the unique lifestyle of each customer. With nearly infinite combinations of layout, color, hardware and accessories, there is truly something for every individual.

Store-bought storage nearly always creates dead space, because it does not match the dimensions of just any nook and cranny. The ingenuity of design behind custom closets St. Charles is in maximizing the use of the space, taking advantage of every square inch. California Closets experts have not come across any space too small or challenging to implement advanced closets.

St. Charles Closets--An Easy Decision to Last a Lifetime

Scheduling a free design consultation at your home is as easy as clicking a link or placing a phone call. Once you are shown what is possible in your home, you won’t turn back. It is the opportunity to reinvent and re-imagine your house. Behind all St. Charles closets is the California Closets name, ensuring your home is in good hands.

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