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The charm and elegance of Spruce Grove is unmissable, but can the same be said for your home? It's easy to let disorganization and clutter get out of hand when you don't have storage areas that fulfill your needs. There has always been a trade off, however, when it comes to upgrading--do you opt for style or function? California Closets Spruce Grove lets you forgo that crossroads by offering you customizable products that will impress both in form and aesthetics. With our tremendous line of units that can add storage space to your home, or make your existing spaces more efficient and organized, your levels of relaxation and serenity around your Spruce Grove home won't have anywhere to go but up!

California Closets Spruce Grove Caters To The Customer

Your Areas

Your home is unlike any other on the block, and therefore, requires a meticulous and comprehensive measuring to ensure that every inch is put to work. This is the beginning of the California Closets Spruce Grove process--finding out what intricacies and angles need to be addressed so that your products fit perfectly in the places they'll reside for the long run. Since we build everything fresh from the ground up, any area within your Spruce Grove home is eligible for a beautiful and stunning closet addition or renovation. 

The Products That Make Sense for You

You have kids that share a room, and therefore, a closet; you are a particularly active hiking family that employs lots of gear that may only be necessary for part of the year; situations such as these make customization the only way to go. California Closets Spruce Grove puts the accessory combinations that will make up the interiors of your closets completely in your hands--allowing you to account for every person in your household, and every storage need that they may have. With this calculated and prescribed solution, you'll quickly notice better organization tactics spreading throughout your home. "

We Make It Simple At California Closets Spruce Grove

Get in touch with us today for a free in-home design consultation. You'll quickly see how easy we make home renovations of any size at California Closet Spruce Grove. 

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