Wall Beds in Springboro

Wall beds are one of the original space saving initiatives. The were originally developed in population dense metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco in the early 1900's. But Springboro residents are discovering more and more the advantages of having a Wall Bed installed in the home. This classic hidden built-in bed is great for house guests, or simply making a bedroom more functional and spacious during the day. Wall beds are a great option for expanding families, apartment living, people who entertain guests often, or to make that home office or hobby room more feasible.

3 Ideas for Wall Beds

California Closets Springboro have taken then classic space saving design of a wall bed and enhanced it with state of the art spring systems and your choice of finish.

Consider some of these benefits of installing a California Closets wall bed in the bedrooms in your Springboro home.

- It creates floor space. Imagine how much more spacious your rooms would be without a giant bed taking up so much space. Wall beds open up your rooms and free up plenty of floor space.

- It blends easily in with your other furnishings. Wall beds come in a wide variety of finishes and styles that can easily blend in with your room’s existing decor.

- Ease of use. You might think lifting up a bed will be heavy. California Closets wall beds have a spring system that makes them very light to lift up and pull down. Their wall beds fold seamlessly into and out of their storage space.

- Allows for more activities. Imagine what you can do with all that extra floor space during the day. You will have space for exercising, a play room, home library, home office, man cave - the possibilities are endless!

Visit California Closets Springboro today and let one the friendly in-store designers show you how a wall bed in your home will transform your space.

A Wall Bed From California Closets Springboro

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