Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Spring

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t create something from nothing? Well, Spring wall beds are here to prove that old adage wrong! Many of us have wished we could create more space and have been faced with the attitude that this is simply unrealistic or impossible. But not anymore! Spring wall beds add space and additional functions to the space you have. And they are not just realistic and possible, but convenient and affordable too.

A Well-Spring of Wellness with Spring Wall Beds

Usually when one thinks of adding anything—be it an additional function for a room, or a new piece of furniture into a room—he or she assumes that there will be trade-off with a decrease in open and available space in that room.  One might think of how lovely it would be if their home office was also a guest room; the immediate follow up thought, however, is often about how not lovely it will be to try to efficiently do office work with a bed crammed next to the desk.

Spring wall beds are the answer for you.  You can gain the functionality of bed, without losing the space and freedom of the open space that bed occupies.  That’s because when you want to sleep, there is your luxurious bed, but when you want space or the alternative function that room holds, Spring wall beds fold up into—you guessed it—the wall. 

Wall Beds Spring: Why Wouldn’t You?

You can maximize the space you have by only having your bed take up space when you need it, and using that space however else you please whenever else you like.  Why should your mattress take up space in your room when it’s not needed? It shouldn’t.  Call now and talk to a custom design specialist, and you’ll have Spring wall beds adding function and maintaining space in your home.