Wall Beds Spokane

A wall bed installation is one of the easiest and most cost effective means to maximizing space and adding functionality to your home. Over the last several years, our wall beds offering have grown to become one of our most requested products as homeowners try to do more with less. Our wall bed installations generate overwhelming fans that evangelize their great benefits throughout the Spokane community. Sign up for your free in-home design consultation to get started on the path towards organizational bliss.

The Best Spokane Wall Beds Option

Our designers have installed wall beds in a large variety of homes and lifestyles, however everyone ends up satisfied with their decision.  Some homeowners install wall beds in the office or spare room to add extra bedroom capacity to their home.  Others with smaller living spaces will find wall beds increase functionality in your home.  Studio-dwellers even install wall beds to make it possible for themselves to have living room by day and a bedroom by night.

All of our wall bed solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic and your lifestyle.  The in-home design consultation gives our designers a great means of getting to know you and your home so that they can return to the fabrication studios to design solutions that meet all of your needs.

Our professionals are equal parts design experts and customer service agents allowing them to be your point person throughout the entire project.  It is our goal to get your wall bed installed to your specifications as fast as possible.

The Perfect Wall Bed Solution

There are many reasons to get a wall bed, but only one way to get one installed: Schedule your free in-home design consultation.  We are excited to deliver our reputation for customer service and design excellence to your upcoming wall bed installation.