Hungry for Home Organization?

Do you have problems finding items in your Spokane home when you really need them, and waste lots of valuable time searching through endless piles scattered throughout your Spokane home? Wouldn’t you like to finally break free from the clutter and overwhelm that holds you back? Since 1984, California Closets Spokane has been providing Idaho, Eastern Washington and Oregon residents with the best personalized closets and storage solutions for their home. Our professional closet organizers specialize in helping Spokane homeowners create order out of chaos, providing directions for a new, organized life.

Recipe For a New, Organized Life

You use recipes in the kitchen to produce something amazing -- so why not for your life? California Closets Spokane's closet organizers have perfected the recipe for organization in your Spokane home.


  • 3 heaping tablespoons of frustration with your current closet organizer system -- or lack thereof
  • 1 desire to get a fresh start with closet organizers
  • 1 telephone, computer with internet connection, or other networked PDA
  • 1 bottle of your favorite chardonnay

Arrange ingredients in your work area. Sprinkle frustration evenly on a clean, flat surface. Marinate desire for a fresh start for 20 minutes until tender. Refrigerate. While chilling, call California Closets Spokane to set up an appointment with a professional closet organizer.

Sit back, have a glass of wine, and let your Spokane closet organizer take over your work area. They will chop, boil, stir-fry, bake, and otherwise prepare your closet organizer solution to your exact specifications. It's like having a personal chef in your kitchen! Enjoy the process of re-inventing your storage spaces and reap the benefits -- you can't "enjoy" your closet organizer solution too much! (Unlike dessert, there's no such thing as too much harmony and order.)

Optional: Before bringing in your personal closet organizer, go to the restaurant (aka California Closets Spokane showroom) to get a taste of what our professional closet organizers have prepared for other clients. We think your appetite will be even more whetted once you see the beautiful craftsmanship and amazing customer service that California Closets has to offer our Spokane customers.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact California Closets Spokane's closet organizers today to begin your journey into the wonderful world of custom home storage -- and get ready to welcome true peace and harmony into your Spokane home!