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There are always certain areas of your home that get cluttered and messy. You clean these spaces one day, but then they are disorderly the next. California Closets Spokane County can help create solutions to your clutter problem once and for all so that you stop feeling stressed and start enjoying your home.

Pull Your Home Back in Order

Your entryway is the first thing that visitors see when they come into your home. Often times, shoes, jackets and umbrellas end up in piles or scattered about. When it rains, your entryway can turn into a muddy mess without proper storage solutions. California Closets Spokane County can design closets to store your outerwear. Cubbies can hold backpacks and shoes. Wet umbrellas and hats can be hung up on hooks and hangers.  Your entryway can feel crowded and overwhelming. Good organization and smart design can free your space and your mind.

California Closets Spokane County can even create mudrooms. Add benches to house boots and other wet gear. Benches can be utilized to give you a place to sit while you are gearing up to face the elements outside.  A good welcome mat that everyone can wipe their feet off on can save a lot of mess afterwards. In Spokane County, closets can hold your raincoats and parkas. Baskets can hold mail. There are many different finishes and details that you can choose from that will complement your current décor. Adjustable racks, drawers, and shelves can change with your needs.

Enter A New Way of Creating Space with California Closets Spokane County

The entryway into your home should be open and inviting. Get rid of the clutter now! Let a California Closets Spokane County expert help you design functional space that everyone in your family can help to keep tidy. Call today for your FREE consultation.

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