Wall Beds Sparks

When relatives and friends come to visit it’s essential that you are able to provide them with a sleeping arrangement that is comfortable and elegant. No one wants to sleep on the couch each time the in-laws come to visit. If space is at a premium and you’re looking for a no-nonsense solution - like say, an air-bed - look no further than Sparks wall beds from California Closets. Sparks wall beds are a game-changing advancement in the world of wall mounted beds. These beds are unbelievably comfortable, visually appealing, easy to open and close and best of all - take up almost no space at all when not in use!

Embrace The Future

Sparks Wall Beds: Get The Most From Your Space

When your guests first see you pull down your Sparks wall bed they might shutter at the sleepless night they believe to be ahead of them. All that will change when they actually lie down and realize this is one of the most comfortable beds on which they have ever slept! Sparks wall beds are extremely sturdy and durable - nothing like the rickety, wobbly wall beds of the yesteryear. Once you get a sense of how comfortable these beds are you’ll start to wonder why you don’t just do away with your standard bed all together and make the switch to a Sparks wall bed!

A World Of Opportunities

Sparks wall beds allow for the full use of floorspace that would otherwise be relinquished to the tyranny of standard beds. Once your bed can simply be folded up during the day time, a host of possible uses is available to you. From an exercise area, to a music studio - anything is possible!

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