Murphy Beds Sparks

When you’re so close to some of the most beautiful scenery that the state has to offer, you aren’t a stranger to friends and family coming for a visit during the winter or summer months. When the snow rolls in, friends and family pile into your home with all their skiing and snowboarding gear included. When your guests are only seasonal, it doesn’t make sense to devote an entire room to a spare bedroom--but without it, it’s hard to sleep your friends and family comfortably when visiting. Murphy beds Sparks by California Closets are the perfect solution to seasonal guest sleeping accommodations. By simply folding into the wall when not in use, murphy beds Sparks allow you to have a spacious multi-purpose room during the day and a spare bedroom by night!

Make The Most Of Your Home With Murphy Beds Sparks

Take A Load Off

Murphy beds Sparks create a comfortable sleeping arrangement in a matter of seconds! Don’t waste time lugging the spare mattress out of storage or fussing with the air bed--simply pull murphy beds Sparks out of the wall when needed. By using a pull-down or pull-out method, you don’t have to waste time or energy putting together accommodations for your guest.

Comfortable And Customized

Any room in your home can be transformed into a spare bedroom when needed with murphy beds Sparks. Murphy beds Sparks are completely customizable, making it easy to fit into the dimensions of your desired space.

For The Most Enduring Sleeping Solutions, Call California Closets!

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