Wall Beds Spanish Springs

Why are Spanish Springs wall beds all the rage? Because they provide your home with the convenience of an extra room at a fraction of the cost and the comfort of all heaven's clouds. Once you invest in a Spanish Springs wall bed, you'll understand why a good sleep is the most important and crucial gift you can give you or your guests.

Quality and Convenience

Our Spanish Springs wall beds are quality items built directly into your wall in any fashion or manner you choose.  We make sure to help you know how, what, and where you are installing your Spanish Springs wall bed and what would be the most optimal location for your home.  We work with you through the integration process and make sure that it looks perfect.

Wall By Day

During the day, no one will even see your Spanish Springs wall bed because it folds or rolls up into the wall in a flawless way.  We make sure to work with you to customize both the location of the bed and the style of the bed so that it fits the aesthetic of your home.  As such, during the day, it will blend in to the furniture and wall space, and the room will have space for you to utilize in any number of ways!

Bed By Night

At night, fold or roll out your Spanish Springs wall bed with tremendous ease.  We promise the transitional functions are smooth and operative and make simple sense.  Once the bed is folded out, you or your guests will have an amazing sleeping experience.  We guarantee no squeaks, no pokes, no lumps.  Only a sound sleep and a rejuvenating rest.

It's Magic

If you are ready for the ultimate magic trick which allows you to have both sleep and space, try our Spanish Springs wall beds today.