Murphy Beds Spanish Springs

Murphy bed installations can often revolutionize home life. Whether a murphy bed doubles the space of your small studio or adds another bedroom to your home, murphy beds can benefit everyone. While there are only a few Spanish Springs murphy bed companies, none can offer the wide selection of styles and sizes that California Closets Spanish Springs can. Our local design professionals love to install murphy beds just for the looks of amazement they receive from their satisfied customers.

Murphy Beds Are A Hidden Treasure

Murphy beds have a wide range of uses and can benefit almost anyone.  Fundamentally, murphy beds add flexibility to your home that can increase storage, sleep over and home life capacity.  Residents of small homes find themselves with newfound sleeping space to hosts friends and family. Residents of studios find a level of flexibility that can turn bedroom into a living room with the flip of a bed.

Our murphy beds are fully customizable, meaning that you can tailor them to the room’s aesthetic.  Fundamentally, however, we hope to make murphy beds that are easy to use and long lasting.  In the end, you end up with a murphy bed that is seamless with its surroundings, ready to use at a moment’s notice and fits within your budget.

Our locally owned and operate Spanish Springs murphy bed business is excited to begin the process with you as soon as you sign up for the free in-home design consultation.

Murphy Bed Transformations

Get ready to transform your home with the best Spanish Springs murphy bed business in the region.  We hope to deliver our reputation for design excellence and attentive customer service to your new murphy bed installation.