Southlake Wall Beds: Give Life to Different Rooms

With Southlake wall beds from California Closets, you can transform many rooms around your home from one dimensional spaces to truly versatile multipurpose areas in your home. Mattresses define a space quicker than any other piece of furniture, and in many cases, are only used to host friends and family. Mattresses do not have to overcrowd your home's spaces; by adding San Marcos wall beds, you can make room for other activities and past times that you never thought possible with a mattress taking up the bulk of the floor space. Southlake wall beds can give your home a whole new feel!

Southlake Wall Beds: Solutions for Big Changes

Southlake wall beds help homeowners make better use of the many spaces that don't get as much use due to the mattresses that they house. With Southlake wall beds, we can add shelves, cabinets, and cubbies to make organization in surrounding areas all the easier. Our creative storage ideas will help you keep track of all of the items that you use, and boost the aesthetics of the space as well.

When your friends and family are in town, you don't want to have to offer them a spot on the couch or an air mattress from the garage. Southlake wall beds provide the people you care about with a comfortable, convenient place for them to rest for the night. These aren't thin mattresses either--they're full and easily deployed, making everyone happy in the snap of a finger.

Guest rooms are only in use some of the time, so start thinking of ways that you'll be able to use the floor space. You can set up a music space, or perhaps use it to work out. The possibilities expand with Southlake wall beds.