Southlake Murphy Beds: Get the Best of Both Worlds!

If you are in need of help when it comes to hosting friends and family or making better use of your guest rooms, then Southlake Murphy beds are the perfect option for you. We at California Closets know how important it is to be able to offer comfortable accommodations to the people you care about, but also how difficult it is to navigate around mattresses that are rarely in use. With Southlake Murphy beds, you can get the best of both worlds--making full use of all of the spaces that your home offers while being able to turn them into convenient guest rooms in the blink of an eye.

Preserve The Versatility With Southlake Murphy Beds

With simple adjustments that enhance your storage capacity and space usability, Southlake Murphy beds can help you use your guest and spare rooms when not in use without having to work around the mattresses. Our Southlake home storage consultants can help you mix and match the ideal combination of accessories to make the surrounding space neat and tidy regardless of whether the bed is deployed or not. We feature a number of styles also that will instantly brighten up the space.

When it comes to hosting, you can say goodbye to those air mattresses and trips to the garage to lug out the spare camping mat. These beds fold right into the wall, and can be unfurled by just about anyone in a moment's notice. What your guests will see right away is that these beds don't cut corners on comfort. They're full mattresses that will provide a wonderful night's sleep to anyone using them! When your guests have taken off, they can be easily returned to their upright position, giving you space to use for other projects.