Wall Beds South Vancouver

It’s no wonder that your friends and relatives want to visit in lovely South Vancouver. Now you just have to make sure you always have a space for them to sleep. Over the years, wall beds have caught a bad reputation for being uncomfortable and unattractive elements within the home. Throw that image out the window and trust in California Closets. We want to revamp the way you think about those sleeping arrangements with wall beds South Vancouver. These wall beds are attractive, convenient and more than comfortable. Our new mattress technology, combined with the consistent standard of design excellence that California Closets maintains, ensures you will love to use these beds. View our online image gallery to gain better inspiration for wall beds in your home.

Comfort At A Moment's Notice

Storage Where You’d Least Expect It

Be confident that your guests are well taken care of at a moments notice with wall beds South Vancouver. Implement these beds in any room of the house. Consider drawer style beds that extend effortlessly from beneath your home office area. Or try the traditional fold down structure with a twist: utilize the stored wall bed as extra shelving area in your media center or den. Customizable wall beds are an innovative way to keep you and your guests happy throughout both long and short visits.

Unbeatable Wall Beds South Vancouver

Don’t worry about integrating a wall bed into your pre-existing home design. As always, California Closets maintains an excellent array of colours, wood tones and hardware that will suit any style. Create bed storage that is virtually undetectable when you are not using it, and a positive design attribute when you are. With wall beds South Vancouver, you achieve extra sleeping arrangements without a single downside.

We Know Convenience

Our staff is well versed in innovative ways to build your wall beds South Vancouver; allow us to show you the ropes! Call California Closets today for a complimentary in home consultation.