California Closets Basalt

The quaint mountain town of Basalt boasts all the greatest attributes of alpine living: clean air, stunningly beautiful wilderness and an abundance of outdoor activities. Of course, it’s not just about being outside when you live in Basalt; your life inside your home is just as important. At California Closets Basalt, we specialize in building fabulous, customized Basalt closets to help your home become a place you love every bit as much as your mountain village.

Experience the Great Indoors With Basalt Closets

What makes a Basalt closet different from others? For one thing, they are designed specifically for you, built to the unique parameters of your house, and uphold the integrity of your home’s particular décor. At California Closets Basalt, we believe the foundation of a well ordered home begins in how your build your storage spaces. See how a customized Basalt closet could enhance your home!

Daily Item Inventory

Everyone knows the frustration of wasted time spent hunting through the closet for a single item. Change that with Basalt closets creative shelving solutions. Basalt closets are created so that you never have to look for something. Daily items are displayed for ultimate visibility and accessibility, and lesser needed items have designated spaces so they stay out of the way without getting lost.

Extracurricular Storage

Basalt offers some of the best fly-fishing, hiking and mountain biking experiences in the world. While the thrill of these sports is extreme, the headache of how to stow the bulk gear that goes along with it rates low on the excitement factor. Basalt closets can be customized for every room in the house, including the garage, so say goodbye to days of haphazard shoving of your outdoor toys and get ready to implement an efficient storage solution. The size-specific racks, shelves, cabinets and compartmentalized drawers of Basalt closets mean you never have to search for your things when it comes time to hit the trails. When you return home exhausted, putting everything back is just as easy!

Facilitate Your Outdoor Passions With Basalt Closets

Don’t waste time struggling to find all the things you need to enjoy life in Basalt. Call California Closets Basalt today to start planning customized Basalt closets to simplify your life!