Closet Systems Basalt

Searching for clothes in your closet shouldn’t be a guessing game. Unfortunately, though, for many of us, it is. It seems as though an unorganized closet is the default state. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. Introducing Basalt closet systems from California Closets.

Closet Systems That Defy The Norm

Here at California Closets, we don’t just build structures to house your clothing. Instead, we build closet systems that optimize your space, keep you organized, and enhance your wardrobe experience. Basalt closet systems are completely customizable and are therefore a reflection of your personality and style. That said, keep the following in mind when designing your closet system:

1) Are you a visual person?

A main structural decision you will have to make is whether to show off your clothing using more shelves and hanging rods or keep things a bit discrete using more drawers and bins. The ratio is up to you.

2) What are your organizational patterns?

Tell us how you like to organize. Do you categorize your clothing according to color? Article of clothing? Fit? There are many different ways to build your closet according to how you like to organize your items. To enhance your organization, we also offer tons of closet accessories such as shoe, scarf and belt racks.

3) What are your dress habits?

Think about your daily routine. How do you decide what to wear on a given day? What do you spend most time in your closet doing? Here at California Closets, we can help you build a space that best suits your dress habits.

Address Your Needs With Basalt Closet Systems

Our closet systems in Basalt are tailor-made to fit your needs. Gone are the days spent looking for your favorite shirt. We’ll keep you and your clothes in check. So take control over your wardrobe and schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced designers today!