Closet Organizers Snohomish

A disorganized closet can sometimes seem like a nightmare of clothes and accessories, a jungle of useless items stacked between you and the perfect outfit. And if you’ve ever needed to find the right item and get out the door quickly, and had to spend precious minutes rooting through the heap, you know exactly how frustrating a disorganized closet can be. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Our expert Snohomish closet organizers are here to help, with some easy tips to help you improve the closet space that you already have.

Simple Tips from the Expert Snohomish Closet Organizers

Thinking seasonally pays off. Items that aren’t useful in the current season don’t deserve prime real estate in your closet. Explore different ways that let you store off-season items (think winter clothes, like coats and boots) in your closets without putting them front and center. If you have tall ceilings in your closet, put them back on a higher shelf; if you have a smaller space, put seasonal items in clear boxes so they are out of the way, but so that you still know what’s in your closet at all times.

Keep the hangers the same. Not only do mismatched hangers make your closet look worse, but they actually take up more space! Optimize your closet for cheap by sticking with the same type of hanger for as many items as possible.

Don’t forget the little things. Storing miscellaneous things (like store bags, scarves, belts, and ties) in plain sight on racks and hooks helps keep everything in order, and prevents your closet from feeling overstuffed.

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