Wall Beds Sitka

Sitka residents looking to add value, versatility and practicality to their homes at a relatively low cost are in luck. Achieve all three of those goals with one single item: a Sitka wall bed from California Closets!

A Wall Bed for Our Times

Sitka wall beds, or Murphy beds, have an amazing ability to transform space, taking whatever spare area you have available and creating an instant accommodation for overnight visitors.  If you are lucky enough to already have a guest room, installing a Sitka wall bed will free up that space, allowing you to convert it into a home office, den or play area for the kids.  A wall bed Sitka specialist can show you how to integrate a wall bed into almost any space in your home, from an entertainment center to a wardrobe to a storage area.

Forget whatever you thought you knew about the comfort of Murphy beds.  Watch a few silent movie bits and the word “contraption” springs to mind, but that’s from a different era.  A Sitka wall bed is built to last, made of durable aluminum or heavy-gauge steel and capable of supporting mattresses up to twelve inches thick.  They are also surprisingly easy to operate, with a smooth action for both setting up and putting away. 

Don’t worry about your new Sitka wall bed disturbing the flow and décor of your home, either.  They are available in a wide variety of colors, materials and accents sure to appeal to even the most discriminating of tastes.  A 3-D computer image gives you an advance peek at how it will look and affords you a chance to play around with different combinations of finishes.

Let the Transformation Begin

Call for a no-obligation consultation with a wall beds Sitka design pro today!