Closet Design Sitka

If you know you want the house of your dreams, it is time to get a new custom closet design solution. At California Closets Sitka, we specialize in turning dreams into reality. Our work process is about partnership – giving you the tools to make creative decisions. Together we craft a product in your mold.

How Closet Design Happens in Sitka

Do you want to have a more organized and beautiful home? Contact California Closets and schedule a consultation with a designer that takes place at your home at no charge at all. During this first meeting you begin planning the closet design for your Sitka home.

First it is important to bring the goal of the project into focus. How is the current design failing to meet your needs? Is it stifling to look at? Does it create clutter? Then the more important question: How do you envision moving forward? 

We get to bottom of what it is you need and want for your home storage project. During this meeting our designer will also take measurements assessing the physical parameters. 

They will take all the information from this conversation and use it as input in an advanced computer program. The software is a tool that renders the project in three dimensions allowing you, the customer to do a virtual walkthrough of the closet design in your Sitka home. You can experiment with it, adjusting, lighting, color, configuration and more!

Closet Design for Happy Sitka Families

Now that there is a mutual understanding on where the design is going, it is time to craft your closets and install them at your house in Sitka. Closet design starts as a dream or a vision and ends up making you a happier homeowner. Families deserve to come home to more welcoming and beautiful environments.