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When it comes to kids, the only constant really is change.  It’s important that their rooms provide accommodating features that support their rapidly changing needs.  At California Closets of Anchorage, our customized Sitka closets and other organization systems are specially designed to grow and change as your child does.

Sitka Closets: Growing With Your Child


Customize…Then Adapt!

Though kids grow out of clothes and stages rapidly, parents need not avoid amply designing their child’s room for fear that everything in it will be too small or irrelevant in what feels like the blink of an eye.  At California Closets of Anchorage, we are committed to creative solutions, like adaptable Sitka closets that grow with your child.

Customizing a room to suit the needs and proclivities of a child can be particularly rewarding.  Our complimentary design consultations let you explore what options best fit your child’s needs and efficiently utilize the room’s space.

Moreover, we’ll work with you to set up a storage and organization infrastructure that can adjust easily with each phase of your child’s growth and development, while remaining comprehensive at every stage.

Easing The Transition

Sitka closets can include adjustable rods and poles that you can elongate as your child—and their clothes—get taller.  Removable drawers let shelves hold belongings effectively, even as their contents shift dramatically over time. Our multitude of modifiable features enables easy adjustment, optimizing space in your child’s room at every juncture, while minimizing effort and cost of these transitions.

Sitka Closets: Getting Flexible

An important part of parenting is learning to be flexible so that you can adjust to the quickly changing needs of your child.  At California Closets of Anchorage, we believe that the ability to adjust is also essential to effectively designed kids’ rooms.  Come to your local branch and we’ll help you prepare for change!




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