Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Siler City

It's a quandary that most homeowners face at least once during the year--the issue of where to put friends and family when they come over for an extended visit. After a fun day, and an evening of catching up, you don't want to have to summon everyone to help you trot the old mattress out of the garage, and you certainly don't want to see your guests' faces as they watch those old air mattresses inflate. If you're hoping to preserve the space in your guest bedroom, leaving it available for you to use, all the while keeping the option of a comfortable night's sleep available to your friends and family, then call California Closets about Siler City wall beds.

Siler City Murphy Beds Preserve Versatility

A Hobby Space For You

Whether your children have gone off to college or you have the luxury of a spare room, adding Siler City wall beds is a terrific way to maintain this space as a versatile multipurpose room. Mattresses dominate a room, and by adding Siler City murphy beds, you forgo this commitment and instead leave yourself with a lot of space to perhaps place an easel, desk, or drum kit! You don't want to have to sacrifice this area if it's only going to be used for a couple of days at a time!

Visual Splendor

Siler City wall beds fold neatly into a closet system of your design, meaning that you're not only increasing the functionality of the space, you'll be enhancing the visual appeal as well! You select the nuances of the exterior, from the wood grain, to the storing accessories such as shelves and cabinets, all the way down to the hardware. Your Siler City murphy beds will be accomplishing something even when not in use!

Siler City Wall Beds Change The Dynamic

Comfortable space to rest your head at night, fully functioning multi-purpose room during the day. Such is the reality you can create by adding Siler City murphy beds into your home! Call California Closets today!