Shoe Closet Secrets From The Stars

So you're not Mariah Carey, with 1,000 pairs of shoes to keep track of. (Whew!) But you may have an impressive number of shoes in your collection, and part of the joy of working with California Closets is being able to build a custom shoe closet to house your incredible array of footwear. Before you get started, here are some tips from celebrities with impressive shoe collections.


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria created a home-within-a-home for her collection of high heels at her Mediterranean-style house in the Hollywood Hills, according to InStyle. 

They are organized in a tiered shelving system for maximum storage and visibility. For those with extensive collections like this, we recommend a similar tactic. If you can't see your shoes, you're not going to wear them!

Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City also arranges her shoes on shelves of varying heights for best visibility. Her 44-square-foot space is well-lit, with white Lucite and sliver-framed doors.

Did you know? When placed side by side, one pair of shoes takes up an average of 8 inches of space!

One great idea to incorporate into your closet organizers are a shoe cubbie. This is a sectioned space designed specifically for one pair of shoes in horizontal and vertical sections.

Don't Your Shoes Deserve A Closet?

So what will your shoe closet look like? That's up to you. California Closets offers a wide range of choices, from removable shoe storage racks and an oll-rubbed bronze shoe fence to slanted shoe shelves built in to your custom closets.