Sherman Oaks Custom Closets

Your storage needs, like fingerprints and snowflakes, are different than anybody else’s. So why settle for the same generic storage solutions that most closets provide? Treat yourself to a storage space that is every bit as unique as you are with a Sherman Oaks custom closet tailored to your specifications by California Closets.

Built With You in Mind

California Closets is the well-respected leader in the storage industry because of our commitment to providing individual storage solutions to each and every one of our clients.  When you meet with one of our Sherman Oaks custom closet design consultants, you’re not going to be offered pre-fab layouts that could apply to anybody and everybody.  You’re going to get personal attention and a closet plan based on your specific input, both practically and aesthetically.

You’re the best judge of how your storage space should be arranged, and we’ll build a layout according to your needs and preferences.  Perhaps you want your wardrobe presented seasonally, by color, or by frequency of use.  Maybe shoes are your passion and your closet has to prominently feature your prized footwear front and center.  An avid outdoorsman may want extensive adjustable shelving to house a variety of outsized gear and equipment.   Whatever your wishes, we’re committed to creating a storage plan to meet them.

Designed to Please

Having satisfied the practical, let’s address the visual.  Enjoy finishing your Sherman Oaks custom closet with a wide variety of attractive accents, colors and materials designed to please the eye and complement your home’s existing décor.

It’s Up to You

Generic may be fine for paper towels, but it’s not the way to go for storage solutions.  Call or click for a free, at-home meeting with a Sherman Oaks custom closet design pro from California Closets today!