Custom Closets Shelby

There’s nothing like walking into a closet that is tailored to meet your specific needs, personality, and lifestyle. When all of your clothes are neatly put away in their respective spaces, you can breathe easy. Not only does California Closets help you build a beautiful custom closet, but it also comes with peace of mind.

You Take the Lead

Designing a custom closet surely enhances your wardrobe experience and helps keep you organized. At California Closets, we put you in the driver’s seat to make the decisions of what best fits you. From choosing the size of the drawers or the amount of hooks you want on your door, every little decision will be based on your specific needs. Shelby Custom Closets offers a variety of options that will help enhance your closet system.

California Closets will also give you tips on how to build your closet in a way that will also help you stay organized. For example, our customers tend to stay organized when their favorite clothing is most accessible. Therefore, we build shelves and drawers that hold their most used clothing at eye level with easy access. The clothes that are used less often are placed either below or above this area for use when needed. This prevents clutter and keeps your wardrobe confined and tidy.

A Rewarding Experience

With the help of our experienced closet designers, designing the perfect closet is a fun and rewarding experience. We will help bring out your closet’s full potential while rewarding you with an organized lifestyle. So the next time you walk into your messy closet, think of the possibilities that California Closets can help bring about. Come check us out to learn more!