Closet Systems Shelby

More often than not, a closet is considered a place to throw your clothes in or store items out of sight. Here at California Closets, we believe a closet system is very much a part of your room and should be treated as such. Your closet is the space that houses your wardrobe, a reflection of your personality and a means of self-expression.

Better Access to Your Wardrobe with California Closets

Shelby closet systems are known to provide people with better access to their closets. This also means that we can help you not only optimize the use of your closet space, but also your clothes and accessories. Having an organized and practical closet is the first step to being stylish. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your new closet:

1) Arrange by color

Many people pick out what they wear by the color of the item. At California Closets, we make it easy to arrange your clothing however way you like. Dividers are great ways to separate your wardrobe within your drawers and shelves.

2) Arrange by season

Separating your clothes based on the current season is a great way to keep your up to date wardrobe most accessible. Arrange the current season’s clothing in the most accessible drawers while leaving your off-season clothing stored in boxes or baskets either above or below this season’s wardrobe. Most people switch their arrangements twice a year.

3) Arrange by frequency of use

Another way to arrange your clothing is by keeping accessible what you wear most often. This will prevent your closet from the mess that results from searching for that favorite shirt.

Fashion Made Easy with Shelby Closet Systems

Once you have a brand new custom closet and have optimally arranged your wardrobe to fit your needs, we’re confident that your style meter will soar. The possibilities are endless when you have much more to work with. Come find out how California Closets can help your style and space today!