Wall Beds Shelby

California Closets has long been a trusted source for creating innovative storage solutions in the home – but did you know that these storage solutions extend all the way to your bed itself? If you want the most advanced innovation in bedroom organization – and you want to sleep on it – California Closets has the solution for you: Shelby wall beds. Read on to learn how Shelby wall beds can give you a great night’s sleep while freeing up a large swath of floor space during the day!

Organization And Sleeping: A Win-Win Situation With Shelby Wall Beds

Whether your bedroom is large or spatially challenged, it can of course benefit from having a little bit more space. Shelby wall beds flip up into the adjoining wall when you’re not using them, allowing you to use the space previously occupied by your Shelby wall beds for anything you want! Never has a combination of two of the best things – sleep and organization – been possible before Shelby wall beds. 

Sacrifice Nothing With Shelby Wall Beds

Shelby wall beds may sound too good to be true; surely they must be uncomfortable, right? Wrong. Shelby wall beds are designed and engineered to give you a great night’s sleep, ensuring that you’ll feel just as great sleeping on them as you do folding them up in the morning to reveal all the extra space that you get to use. In a cramped bedroom, floor space is even more valuable than ever. With Shelby wall beds, you can do so much more in your bedroom!

Shelby Wall Beds For The 21st Century

Whether you use the space to stay organized – or even just enjoy the priceless open space – Shelby wall beds help you do more with your bedroom. Call or come in today!