Closet Systems Shelby

If there is one truth about the world, it's chaos is everywhere. Everything gets more and more messy, things start to fall apart and crumble. Now you can combat the natural entropy of the world through the utilization of a brand new Shelby closet systems, custom fitted to the mess in your home.

Expect to Get Your Way

Many of our customers come to California Closets not knowing what to expect, but seeking help nonetheless.  What they get is a demonstration of how our systems work, as well as a preview of the customization process that will put you in the driver seat of your own home improvement project so that you may get precisely what you want.

Imagineer Your Own Closet

We'll handle all the boring stuff when it comes to putting together your new Shelby closet systems.  You play the role of imagineer and pilot the project by explaining to our expert consultants what you so need and desire in your home.  You'll also get to suggest a certain aesthetic, theme, or detail to match the current style and furnishings of your personality and home.  Mainly, you'll be in charge o the vision of the project, which we will do our best to craft into a blueprint that makes sense and keeps your home clean and wonderful.

Save Money

Not only does a brand new Shelby closet system just make sense, it also saves cents, too!  Think about it: with marble floors or granite countertops you will spend your time and money on expensive maintenance, polish, and effort.  With new furniture, you can expect new damage such as spills, tears, and more.  With a closet, you will be satisfied with a beautiful new piece of your home (built-in) that will work hard to keep the rest of your home in tip top shape!

Choice Home Upgrade

The home improvement solution of choice is our new Shelby closet systems coming to your door.  Keep up with the solution and call today.