Shavano Park Closet Company

Enjoying the quiet lifestyle of a small community and access to all the world-class services by proximity to Austin, Shavano Park is a quite a place to live. When homeowners want to get organized and remove the clutter from their homes they turn to one Shavano Park closet company – California Closets.

About Shavano Park’s Go-to Closet Company

For over 30 years, California Closets has been the destination for home organization solutions in Shavano Park. No other closet company can offer the warm customer service, the high quality products and the state of the art design. The selection of closets and storage tools is endless but each and every product is ultimately personalized for a particular customer.

From the very first meeting the goal is give the customer as much control as possible over the project, harnessing the considerable resources at the hands of the designer to the home organization vision of the client. 

One of the innovative methods California Closets Shavano Park stands alone as a closet company is the integration of user-friendly technology into the process. Once the designer comes up with a scenario to address the stated storage goals, they turn over screen to the customer. The program allows the customer to virtually walk through pantry, or kitchen, or other storage space and make changes as they go.

Experiment with color, trim, and accent or overhaul the design all together. This is everyone’s favourite step in the process – except for when the final project is installed and ready, of course. 

Shavano Park’s Closet Company Serves every Room

The product line is divided up into typical use by room: kitchen, pantry, media center, bedroom, children’s room, home office, garage and more! Visit the closet company Shavano Pak showroom in Austin for more information and more inspiration.