Wall Beds Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy is home to historical areas as well as a great number of families. We know residents want to always be prepared when it comes to guests. That is why California Closets is pleased to equip your home with wall beds Shaughnessy. Never again will your friends and family have to stay in a hotel, or on a less than comfortable fold out couch. No matter the size and space you have available in your home, we can help you find a place for your very own wall beds Shaughnessy. From the traditional fold out, to the innovative new drawer style bed, we’ve got a solution just for you.

Convenience Combined With Innovation

More Space Realized

Just because you are prepared with extra sleeping arrangements, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space or style. These wall beds Shaughnessy adhere to the California Closets standard of comfort and functionality. Our mattresses are made with a technology that ensures none of your guests will experience discomfort from poorly designed framework. These wall beds are as expertly constructed as all of California Closets products, our extensive experience will serve you and your loved ones well.

Assistance And Experience

Knowing exactly where to place your wall beds Shaughnessy can require a little assistance. When you call California Closets, we instantly match you with a design professional who will walk you through the entire process. Beginning with inspiration, and ending with precise installation. We guarantee the very best wall beds, and the very best customer service experience.

Rest Assured With Wall Beds Shaughnessy

You won’t even know these extra beds are there until you need them. While in storage mode, you can utilize the space any way you’d like. Feel free to create a shelf or display area when fold out mattresses are in upright mode. There’s no end to what we can dream up together. Call California Closets today for a complimentary consultation. You’ll be on your way to convenience with wall beds Shaughnessy!