Custom Closets Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy custom closet are only the finest in home improvement options today. With the elegance of a designer upgrade, with the functional and effective usage of an organizer, you get a combination that is the perfect package.

The Closet of Your Dreams

Our Shaughnessy custom closets are completely imagined by you through a specification process which places your needs on the top of the list.  We can ensure that the process will hone in on the functional needs of your closet, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the overall home improvement.

Prime Functionality

When we say that our closets are functional pieces in a newly remained home, we mean that the Shaughnessy custom closet is a storage beast and will provide a home for absolutely anything you need.  We help you use a combination of bins, shelves, racks, hanger space, drawers, cabinets, and more to make sure that what space you create is perfect for what you need to store.  With such an endless combination, we ensure that you make the most of every inch of space that you have to use.

Style Masterpiece

Stylistically, your Shaughnessy custom closets will be on par, if not above, any other and more expensive home upgrade, including marble floors, granite countertops, and new leather furniture.  This is because we use the highest quality materials, and give you the sleekest and most elegant design options.  Our designers are versatile artist who help take what you imagine and make it into a masterpiece.  The best part is that its your masterpiece.

New and Exciting

Is your home in need of something new and exciting? To upgrade your home's style and your lifestyle, then call us today to get started creating Shaughnessy custom closets.