Closet Company Shaughnessy

The advantage of being part of metropolitan area like Vancouver is access to world-class services and products. Being able to go to a great restaurant any day of the week, or enjoy a big theatrical production is a privilege of living in a big city. When it comes to home storage solutions, the metropolitan option is California Closets; it is the closet company Shaughnessy turns to.

The Closet Company Shaughnessy Trusts

Global and Local

As part of a global brand, the local franchise of California Closets can bring decades of experience and expertise to the table. At the same time, being a franchise means being grounded in the local community. This Shaughnessy closet company is locally owned and operated.

Custom Is Better

Custom storage means that each and every product made is personalized for the customer. This is true for both the style and the function of the product. Each person is unique in terms of personality, lifestyle, and needs. The designer works with their clients to understand their needs and to bring out their aesthetic tastes. Generic storage falls flat on both accounts.

The One Stop Shop

It is more than just closets at this Shaughnessy closet company. The line of products includes everything from Murphy beds and wardrobes to kitchens and home remodeling. Every room in the house is represented in the California Closets catalog. This is the company that can fill all your organizational needs by attacking clutter on multiple fronts.

The Shaughnessy Closet Company: Understanding Your Self-Expression

Your home is something that represents who you are and how you like to live your life. You have picked out how to decorate and furnish it. Trust Shaughnessy’s closet company to make your house even more you.