Wall Beds Sedona

When you live so close to the beautiful Sedona desert, there’s no telling how many times a year friends and family are going to come for a visit to get a good dose of the great outdoors. After a long day of exploring the red rocks and watching the desert sunset, you and your guests are certainly going to want a good night’s sleep. Without a spare bedroom however, your guest’s sleeping accommodations are minimal - you can either drag the spare mattress out of storage or run the risk of a pop with a blow-up bed. But what if you could just pull a bed out of the wall and a magical sleeping solution would appeal that is both comfortable for your guest and convenient for you? Now you can with wall beds Sedona brought to you by California Closets!

Comfortable Sleeping Solutions From California Closets

Have A Spare Bedroom...Without Sparing A Room!

Without room in the house for a spare bedroom, creating a comfortable sleeping solution for your guest is still possible with wall beds Sedona. By simply folding out of the wall when needed, wall beds Sedona can transform any office, living room, or media room into a bedroom by night. The pull-down or pull-out method allows for easy retrieval, making it a convenient sleeping solution for guest and host alike.

Customize Your Way To Comfort And Convenience

Wall beds Sedona are completely customizable, so they’re easy to implement in any room of your house. No matter what size or shape of your desired location, wall beds Sedona can adapt to fit your space.

More Than Just A Closet Company

Over the last thirty years, California Closets has built a reputation for excellent customer service and high quality products - we’re more than just your average home improvement company. Call today to find out more about wall beds Sedona! We look forward to hearing from you.