Murphy Beds Sedona

As a resident of Sedona, you’re well aware of the beauty and magic that resides in the Sedona desert - so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to when when relatives and friends that live far away are constantly asking when they can come visit. Having guests stay for a long period of time is a fun way to relive old memories or make new ones, but without a spare bedroom, finding comfortable and convenient sleeping accommodations for your guest can post as a difficulty. Murphy beds Sedona brought to you by California Closets are here to make having a spare bedroom possible without sparing a room!

Murphy Beds Sedona: A Simple Solution To Spare Sleeping Accommodations

Don’t Waste Space

Devoting an entire room to a bedroom when it is only used every once in a while isn’t a very resourceful use of space. When you choose murphy beds Sedona, you can have the luxury of a spare bedroom without sparing the space. By simply folding back into the wall when not in use, wall beds Sedona don’t waste any space in your home. So have your home office, living room, or media room by day and let murphy beds Sedona convert them into spare bedrooms by night!

Customized Convenience

Murphy beds Sedona are completely customizable, making them the most convenient sleeping solution on the market. Along with their customizable sizes, the exterior of murphy beds Sedona can also be personalized to fit your existing interior design.

Friendly Customer Service And Enduring Solutions

Over the past thirty years, California Closets has built a reputation for enduring in-home storage solutions and improvements and friendly customer service. Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation and to find out more about murphy beds Sedona!