Jason Qunell, Design Consultant

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Western Washington

My Experience:  

A diverse path has lead me to the field of custom closet, cabinet and storage design. Beginning with an architectural focus through high school, I later changed course towards product design, and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field. Challenged with finding work out of college, opportunities lead me towards the computer side of design. Just when it was looking like I was heading for a career in computers, my path pointed me towards the cabinet/closet industry, where I found a rewarding niche that utilizes my many talents.

As much as I wanted to be the designer when I entered the industry, it was not the first role I would play. I began as an installer and production assistant for a very small closet company. It was not long before I recognized little potential for a future there. So began my adventures with California Closets.

Likewise at California Closets, I was not handed the "designer hat" to wear from the beginning. No design positions were available. Besides, they were very attracted to my fresh Installation and production experience. But when opportunities presented themselves for me to move up the ladder, I jumped. I transitioned from the installer department to the production department for a time, and then to a brand new position titled, "all purpose employee." After 2 years of climbing, a design position finally opened up and I hit the ground running. I learned the CAD program with ease. I knew the products and how they were manufactured, making designing very easy. 

It took longer than I had hoped to become a design consultant, but in hind sight, I would not have had it any other way. I am quite thrilled to be designing for the leader in the industry. My skills and work ethic have proven to be a perfect fit.

My Methods:

I am very meticulous when designing, and thoughtful in every detail (mindful of crawl spaces, access panels, switches & outlets, etc). I like to put myself in your shoes when sizing up a space for an optimal design. I find many storage needs are similar from one client to the next, but recognize that everyone is unique, and I appreciate the out of ordinary. I try not to let anything inhibit my creativity (within our realm of possibilities).

To arrive at an optimal design, I weigh several aspects of a potential design with regards to the size and shape of the space: ergonomics (elbow room and accessibility), space efficiency, functionality, balance and beauty. I am a refined perfectionist that appreciates that we live in an imperfect world, and sometimes not all design aspects can be perfectly achieved. Sometimes it's worth sacrificing beauty and balance to gain better function and/or accessibility. That being said, I love the challenge of odd shaped spaces. I listen very well, and am very communicative to optimize our understanding of one another and of my design concepts (verbally, written, and visually).