Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization. Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same. Especially when it comes to finding solutions to organization challenges.

California Closets Design Consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces.

A broad array of color and finish options and accessories will beautifully integrate your storage solution into your home décor and the life you lead.

The combination of design skill and product choice creates a customized solution that responds to your needs and wishes exactly. 

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Susan Bornstein, Design Consultant

I am passionate about design and believe we can all benefit personally from beauty and organization in our lives. I love working with people and problem solving - putting the pieces of the puzzle together with the customer!Education:  BA in Education with a Minor in Art (Design emphasis) from Western Washington University

Kelly Davis, Design Consultant

It is truly a privilege to work for the most recognized company in our business. California Closets has been more than just a job for me. It's been my passion! I have worked for the company for almost 11 years, and what I enjoy the most is making my customers happy. My style is relaxed and efficient. I look forward to making every design not just functional, but also practical and elegant. I am always looking for better ways to serve my clients, through continuing education, sharing ideas with my co-workers and listening to my clients.

Lindsay Dykes, Design Consultant

As a Design Consultant, Lindsay takes the time to listen and build relationships with her clients. Her goal is to manage the project from start to finish, being available to her clients throughout the process. She is genuine in determining what her clients’ needs are and truly believes that designing beautiful and functional spaces will simplify her clients’ lives. Her favorite part of her role is knowing and appreciating that every client is unique in their needs. She loves learning about her clients to develop solutions that meet their functional, aes

Michelle Gion, Design Consultant

Thanks to growing up with my father’s home improvement company, I have quite literally a lifetime of experience in the home design industry. My background encompasses a wide range of exterior home improvements, kitchen, and bathroom renovations.

Karen Kaiser, Design Consultant

I started my career working with wholesale and furniture distribution designing and importing handcrafted furniture from all over the world. I worked closely with designers and stagers on some of Washington's finest homes, design projects and events. After studying design and staging, I started going out into the market applying years of well earned knowledge, sweat equity and great instincts.

Kathy Mattison, Design Consultant

With 30 years’ experience providing space planning, programming and interior design for a wide range of corporate customers, I pride myself on being thorough, accurate and organized. My Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Washington State University enables me to visualize solutions for your organization and space planning needs.

Glynis Matula, Design Consultant

I offer many years of business, home organization and design experience. I strive to actively listen to my clients’ needs and provide them with custom designed storage solutions for their spaces. My strong project management skills allow me to provide a seamless job flow for my clients from the initial consultation to the unit installation. Serving my clients with excellent attention to detail and outstanding customer service are my goals with all of my design jobs.

Emily Nagel, Design Consultant

Emily loves collaborating with her clients. She sees her role as a guide through the process of building spaces that are personal to you, as well as beautiful and functional.

Jayelyn Powell, Design Consultant

I have lived in the Seattle area since I was about 18 months old. I have always been interested in interior design and helping people accomplish their dreams. Prior to California Closets, I was in the granite and hard surfaces industry. I worked directly with builders and home owners. When I joined California Closets, I was amazed by the quality of work and the professionalism they had to offer. I knew immediately that this was the perfect fit for me. California Closets has provided me the tools to make the whole experience enjoyable to all.

Jason Qunell, Design Consultant

A diverse path has lead me to the field of custom closet, cabinet and storage design. Beginning with an architectural focus through high school, I later changed course towards product design, and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field. Challenged with finding work out of college, opportunities lead me towards the computer side of design. Just when it was looking like I was heading for a career in computers, my path pointed me towards the cabinet/closet industry, where I found a rewarding niche that utilizes my many talents.

Maureen Skall , Design Consultant

As a Design Consultant, I am committed to offering the highest level of professionalism and customer service to my clients. Throughout my career, I have designed thousands of storage spaces that are not only functional but look beautiful as well. I truly have a passion for collaborating with my clients, understanding what their needs are and translating that into a customized design solution built to suit their style whether it’s modern, traditional or an elegant mixture of both.

Terry Sager, Design Consultant

I love the process of discovering my client’s sense of style and needs for organization and build on that correctness.  I am excited to exceed my clients’ expectations and to achieve this, I develop a rapport through in-depth conversations about their needs and desires and what is important and meaningful to them.  The end result is a happy client, content with their beautiful, functional space.    

Gina Smart, Design Consultant

Life is lived in moments!Every client is unique in style, as well as the way they live.  When entering a home, Gina strives to bring dreams to life and deliver happiness through a collaborative experience, whereby the client imagines and she fulfills. 

Laura Syren, Design Consultant

 I love giving my customers new ideas with function and beauty.  I listen to my client’s needs and find the solution.  My goal is to manage their project from beginning to end paying close attention to every detail.   

Judy Tucker, Design Consultant

Judy brings with her over 30 years of experience in the design industry and is in her seventh year with California Closets.

Shaun Verda, Design Consultant

I love my job! With over 9 years of California Closets design experience and a degree in Business Administration, I am proud to be a part of the California Closets team. My primary goal is to meet the unique needs of my clients and to provide exceptional customer service along with outstanding designs and solutions.  I look forward to collaborating with each client individually and helping create a perfect space.

Grace West, Design Consultant

Designing closets, for me, has truly been a dream come true. I have an extensive background in design, including an Interior Design degree with many years' experience in kitchen and bath design, but my true passion has always been closets and organization.I love helping people fix their organization problems and maximize their space. To me, it is like a giant puzzle waiting to be solved. California Closets has given me all the tools I need to create spaces that can truly become the favorite part of my client's house.